Harshit Facility Management Services Pest Control, the specialist in pest control is today one of the leading players in the Indian market. Harshit Facility Management Services has over two decades of experience in offering quality solutions to its clients. We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services in alignment with the latest trends through a countrywide network. Our integrated pest management facilities are better developed to help tackle pest issues basis an extensive research process carried out by us on the pest’s biology.

Residential Pest Control

One of the biggest challenges about owning a home can be about keeping your residence free of pests. Living in a country like India which witnesses extremes of temperatures makes our houses susceptible to multiple attacks from various kinds of unwanted pests.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about dealing with insects and pests on your own when our team is present to take care of your woes and provide you with effective Residential Pest Control. We have more than 5 years of experience in providing pest control services across all leading cities in India and we take great pride in our quality of customer service.

Commercial Pest Control

In Pest Control, success starts with precision and that is why you need an expert. Nothing can threaten your reputation quite like an infestation of rodents and insects in your facility. Harshit Pest Control has been protecting businesses by combining an understanding of unique customer needs along with a scientific knowledge of pests.

From office buildings to property management, homeowners associations and restaurants, at Harshit Pest Control we take care of all your pest management needs. Our tested plan of action gives you the correct form of pest extermination service, every time. Our team of highly trained and uniquely qualified exterminators are supported by supervisors and managers who frequently inspect each account to maintain the highest level of service.

Institutional Pest Control

At Harshit Facility Management Services Pest Control, we are prepared to provide pest management solutions for various types of institutional facilities like school campuses, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, shelters and other large-scale properties. We understand your institution is likely to have numerous health and sanitation related rules and regulations with which it must comply. It is also integral to protect students, patients, faculty and staff from the health hazards of pest activity. For this reason, we work diligently to provide you with a pest control plan that will best serve your institution’s and facility’s needs.